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Colombian Body Shaper Vest for Long Torsos

17 June, 2017 | Blog

Were you born with a long torso? Most women with long torsos have a difficult time finding the right things for the top wear, including when they need to find the right shapewear that reaches down to the waist. If you were born with long torsos, and you want to choose a full body shapewear to enhance your figure, it will be tough enough for you since the most available full body shaper are made for women with standard torsos. Therefore, choosing the right size for your long torsos even come first before you can decide the quality of the body cincher you need.

The most standard enhancing bodysuit don’t fit long torsos because they do not stretch enough vertically. Therefore they will end up being too tight in the gusset. Therefore, you need to make sure that the available bodysuits you choose from fit your long torsos. If you are sure that the size fits your long torsos, you can start inspecting the quality of the body cincher to get the most of the cincher for you. Choosing the body shaper vest which only fits your long torso will put you in a big regret for wearing the useless thing.

The right bodysuit for enhancing your figure should reach down past your hips to provide full coverage, that’s why you can’t just pick any size of body shaper vest to fits your long torsos. Since the use of shapewear should repeatedly be for an extended period in order to get the expected permanent result, so you need to choose the one with high quality and durability. A high-quality and durable body shaper vest that fits your long torso will enable you to wear it repeatedly with the maintained quality so that you can reach the desired goal. Below there are several Colombian body shaper vests for long torsos you can choose for cinching your full body.

1. Colombian Waist Trainer Women’s Latex Cincher Faja Girdle Full Vest


This full body shaper vest is 100% made in Colombia which is constructed with the highest quality materials. The best natural latex of this shapewear vest provides an important benefit to increase blood flow to promote weight loss. This advantage comes from the snug fit along with the latex layer of DIVA SHAPERS girdles providing you a heat pushing to your midsection. If you wear it in a workout, it will help increase your blood flow which means pushing the burning fat

2. Ann Chery Women’s Chaleco Contrast Trim Latex Core Waist Cincher

This shapewear vest is made of 100% cotton, and it is a luxury Faja styling with the latest technology in control and high compression garment. This compression vest is ideal for everyday use, after birth, postpartum, and more. The maximum compression of this vest helps controls and smoothes your entire abdomen, waist, hips, and also back. With the cincher vest design, it also contributes to enhancing your buttocks and bust and reducing your tummy with comfort and relief guaranteed.

3. Hourglass Women’s Blue Vest two hooks Fajas waist trainer, shapewear workout cincher


This body shaper vest has a high compression to provide instant sexy curves and firmness when you wear it so you can look stunning in that sexy little dress. If you wear it at the gym in a workout, it helps you increase blood flow to the torso to promote weight loss. The construction of this cincher also helps you correct your posture and prevent back fatigue and any possible long term injury.The three hooks of this cincher vest are helpful to help you adjust it as you make progress with your workout.